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Due Diligence Investigations

Providentia Investigations performs due diligence investigations on individuals and companies. We gather critical information in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Our customized reports enable decision makers to properly weigh costs, benefits and risks.

Our due diligence products are used by bankers, investors, employers, entrepreneurs and others to evaluate risks associated with acquisitions, mergers, hiring personnel and lending. 

We offer three types of due diligence reports:


Red Flag

Limited in scope and appropriate for early stage due   diligence research or a high volume of subjects. Findings are gleaned from online sources. Accuracy of the results may need to be further verified. Each Red Flag report is completed within two business days.

Level I - Standard Scope

A thorough review of a subject's public record profile and a   succinct, written report of findings. It includes onsite courthouse and recorder's office research where necessary, a review and summary of civil litigation, criminal proceedings, regulatory violations, business affiliations, assets, professional history, education and media profile. Standard Scope reports are completed within five to seven business days.

Level II - Deep Background

Our Deep Background report adds personal and business reputation information to the Standard Scope product. Reputational information is obtained through discreet interviews with sources such as former business associates, suppliers, employees and industry peers. Level II Deep Background reports are completed within seven to ten business days.

Litigation Support

Providentia Investigations supports attorneys through every phase of litigation. In civil cases, we work with lawyers representing plaintiffs or defendants in business disputes, family law matters, personal injury claims, discrimination cases and more. We locate and interview witnesses and search for information that could be used to discredit opposing litigants and witnesses. We provide investigative support to criminal defense attorneys in white-collar crime cases and matters involving violent crimes. 

Asset Searches

We work with attorneys and bankruptcy trustees to locate assets in anticipation of litigation and to enforce judgments. We help our clients identify business ownership interests, real property and personal property. 

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